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Metal Slug: Cómo descargar y jugar online con tus amigos

Metal Slug Descargar: How to Download and Play the Classic Run and Gun Game

If you are a fan of action-packed video games that combine shooting, platforming, and humor, you have probably heard of metal slug. This is a legendary run and gun game series that has been entertaining gamers since 1996. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about metal slug descargar (metal slug download), including what metal slug is, why it is popular, what platforms it is available on, and how to download and play it.

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What is Metal Slug?

Metal slug is a run and gun video game series that was originally created by Nazca Corporation before merging with SNK in 1996 after the completion of the first game in the series. The games focus on the Peregrine Falcon Squad, a small group of soldiers who fight against a rebel army, aliens, zombies, mummies and various other forces intent on world domination.


The first metal slug game was released in 1996 for the Neo-Geo arcade machines and home consoles. It was a huge success thanks to its charismatic protagonist soldiers Marco & Tarma, its almighty tank Metal Slug, its colorful graphics, its catchy music, its hilarious humor, and its challenging gameplay.

The game spawned several sequels and spin-offs over the years, each one adding new features, characters, enemies, weapons, vehicles, stages, and modes Genre

Metal slug is a run and gun game, which means that the player controls a character who runs and shoots at enemies while avoiding their attacks. The game also has elements of shoot 'em up, which means that the player can use various vehicles and weapons to shoot at large numbers of enemies and bosses. The game is known for its fast-paced and intense action, as well as its high level of difficulty.


The metal slug series consists of seven main titles, which are metal slug, metal slug 2, metal slug X, metal slug 3, metal slug 4, metal slug 5, and metal slug 6. There are also several spin-offs, such as metal slug advance, metal slug anthology, metal slug 3D, and metal slug attack. Additionally, there are some remakes, such as metal slug XX and metal slug 7, and some compilations, such as metal slug collection PC and metal slug complete.

Why is Metal Slug Popular?

Metal slug is one of the most popular and beloved video game series of all time. There are many reasons why metal slug has gained such a loyal fan base over the years, but here are some of the most important ones:


Metal slug is famous for its pixel art style, which gives the game a retro and nostalgic feel. The graphics are vibrant, detailed, and expressive, creating a rich and immersive world. The animations are smooth, dynamic, and realistic, showing the movements and reactions of the characters and enemies. The game also features spectacular explosions, blood splatters, and environmental effects, adding to the excitement and fun of the game.

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Metal slug is also known for its soundtrack, which consists of catchy and memorable tunes that match the mood and theme of each stage. The music is composed by various artists, such as Takushi Hiyamuta, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Toshikazu Tanaka, and Manabu Namiki. The sound effects are also well-done, enhancing the atmosphere and realism of the game. The voice acting is another highlight of the game, featuring humorous and iconic phrases such as "Heavy machine gun!", "Rocket launcher!", "Thank you!", and "Mission complete!".


Metal slug is not only an action-packed game, but also a comedy-filled one. The game is full of funny moments, references, and easter eggs that make the player laugh and smile. Some examples are: the soldiers dancing when they are rescued, the enemies surrendering or running away when they are outnumbered, the animals transforming into powerful allies or enemies, the hidden items such as crabs, monkeys, or aliens, and the cameo appearances of characters from other SNK games.


Metal slug is not a game for the faint-hearted. It is a game that requires skill, patience, and perseverance. The game is very difficult, as the player faces countless enemies, traps, obstacles, and bosses that can kill them in one hit. The game is also very varied, as each stage has different settings, enemies, vehicles, weapons, and secrets. The game is also very replayable, as the player can try different routes, modes, characters, and strategies to beat the game.

What Platforms is Metal Slug Available On?

Metal slug is a game that can be enjoyed on various platforms. Here are some of the most common ones:


The original platform for metal slug was the Neo-Geo arcade machines. These machines were very popular in arcades around the world in the 1990s and early 2000s. They offered high-quality graphics and sound, as well as multiplayer options for up to four players. They also had a unique feature called MVS (Multi Video System), which allowed arcade owners to switch between different games using cartridges. Today, these machines are still sought after by collectors and fans who want to experience the authentic arcade feel of metal slug.


Metal slug has been ported or emulated to various consoles over the years, such as Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and more. These versions usually have some differences from the arcade versions, such as extra modes, stages, characters, or features. Some of these versions are also available as digital downloads on online platforms such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, or Virtual Console. These versions allow players to enjoy metal slug on their home consoles with improved graphics and sound, as well as online multiplayer options.


Metal slug has also been adapted to mobile devices, such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. These versions are usually optimized for touch screen controls and smaller screens, as well as having some changes in the gameplay and difficulty. Some of these versions are also free-to-play, which means that they have in-app purchases or ads to generate revenue. Some of the most popular mobile versions of metal slug are Metal Slug Defense, Metal Slug Attack, and Metal Slug Infinity. These versions allow players to enjoy metal slug on the go, as well as connect with other players around the world.


Metal slug is also available on PC platforms, such as Windows and Steam. These versions are usually based on the arcade or console versions, but with some enhancements or modifications. Some of these versions also have modding support, which means that players can create or download custom content for the game, such as new stages, characters, weapons, or graphics. Some of the most popular PC versions of metal slug are Metal Slug Collection PC, Metal Slug Complete, and Metal Slug XX Online. These versions allow players to enjoy metal slug on their computers with high-resolution graphics and sound, as well as online multiplayer options.

How to Download and Play Metal Slug?

If you want to download and play metal slug, you have several options depending on your platform and preference. Here are some of them:

Legal Options


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