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Billy Billica the VC of Inductions began his report by summing up the recent lodge inductions seminar. Then he thanked everyone for helping with inductions at the March ordeal. Fifty-five new members were inducted and thirty-seven received brotherhood. The next Brotherhood ceremony would be held at the service fellowship in August. The deadline for troop elections for the May ordeal was stated to be April 24th. Joe Meadows the lodge secretary informed everyone that as of March 29th, there were 366 registered members. Next, Joe gave the point totals for the Outstanding Chapter Award and answered questions pertaining to the contest. Tom Banks the lodge treasurer reported a balance of $7,738.12 as of March 31st and a total of $1,315.23 had been raised to date for the campership fund. Then Tom talked briefly on the Individual Bicentennial Award and reported that the Bicentennial trip had been cancelled. Croa-Talk editor Richard Gray announced the next deadline for articles was April 10th. The issue would be mailed prior to the 3A conclave.New business turned to the May ordeal which would be held the 14th-16th at Camp Bonner. Chapter assignments were announced. Inductions would be implemented by Billy Billica advised by Pratt Williamson. The service work projects would be handled by Tommy Manning advised by Gene Newberry. The pre-Ordeal would be performed by Tanugahi and the Ordeal by Tau. Neuseokena would handle the food service. The Friday night crackerbarrel by Machapunga and Saturday night by Wiccacon and Tarhunta. Final clean-up by Toisnot.Regarding the 3A conclave, a bus for travel was loaned by Jarvis Memorial Church of Greenville. The plan was for the bus to originate at Camp Bonner and make it's way to various sites enroute to the conclave, which was hosted by Tali Tak Taki at Camp Wenesa. The lodge quota was sixty-five delegates. The lodge display would be on chapter service projects organized by Garry Whitaker. The lodge was also responsible for training at the conclave. John Goforth, the dance team captain of Toisnot, cited due to the lackof interest and the shortage of dancers his chapter would be unable to represent the lodge at the 3A. In reference to the Honor Lodge competition, delegates were reminded to bring their uniforms and cough drops. In other business, chief Olive read a proposal by Roger Billica stating that if all of the campership money was not used by June 12th, then part of the money be allocated to give scholarships to honor campers during summer camp. A motion was made by Larry Feldhaus and seconded by Tommy Manning to accept the proposal. Furthermore, there was a decided limite of six scholarships. The motion passed unanimously. Next, Joe Meadows made an amendment to the pending revision from the January ECM.

Hard Times At Sequoia State Park.rar



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