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Download Diablo Immortal PC and Mobile: The Most Anticipated Action RPG of 2023

How to Download Diablo Immortal PC

Are you a fan of the Diablo franchise and want to experience the latest installment on your PC? If so, you are in luck! Diablo Immortal, the first massively multiplayer online action RPG in the series, is now available for free on both mobile and PC platforms. In this article, we will show you how to download Diablo Immortal PC and enjoy its amazing features.

download diablo immortal pc


What is Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game that takes place between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. It tells the untold story of the shattered Worldstone and the rise of new evils in Sanctuary. You can choose from six iconic classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard, and explore a vast world full of dungeons, quests, events, and secrets. You can also team up with other players, join clans, trade items, and participate in PvP battles.

Why play Diablo Immortal on PC?

While Diablo Immortal is designed for mobile devices, it can also be played on PC with the same quality and features. Playing on PC has some advantages, such as:

  • Larger screen size and higher resolution

  • Better control options with keyboard and mouse

  • No battery drain or overheating issues

  • Access to the desktop app and its social features

How to download Diablo Immortal on PC

Step 1: Download and install desktop app

The first thing you need to do is to download and install the desktop app, which is the official launcher for Blizzard games. You can get it from . Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

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Step 2: Create or log in to your account

Next, you need to create or log in to your account, which is your gateway to all Blizzard games and services. If you don't have one yet, you can create one for free . If you already have one, just enter your email and password and click "Log In".

Step 3: Go to the Diablo Immortal page and click "Play For Free"

Once you are logged in, go to the Diablo Immortal page on the app. You can find it under the "Games" tab or by searching for it in the search bar. On the page, you will see a button that says "Play For Free". Click on it and wait for the game to download and install.

Step 4: Launch the game and enjoy

After the installation is complete, you can launch the game by clicking on its icon on the app or on your desktop. You will be asked to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy before entering the game. Then, you can choose your region, server, language, and character class. You can also link your mobile device to your account if you want to sync your progress across platforms. Finally, you can start playing Diablo Immortal on your PC!

Features of Diablo Immortal PC

Cross-play and cross-progression with mobile devices

One of the best features of Diablo Immortal PC is that it supports cross-play and cross-progression with mobile devices. This means that you can play with your friends regardless of what platform they are using, and you can switch between devices without losing your progress. You can also access your characters, items, and achievements on both platforms. This way, you can enjoy Diablo Immortal anytime and anywhere.

Stunning graphics and smooth performance

Diablo Immortal PC delivers stunning graphics and smooth performance that will immerse you in the dark and beautiful world of Sanctuary. The game uses the Unreal Engine 4, which allows for realistic lighting, shadows, textures, and effects. The game also runs at 60 frames per second, ensuring a fluid and responsive gameplay experience. You can also adjust the graphics settings to suit your preferences and system requirements.

An epic story and immersive gameplay

Diablo Immortal PC offers an epic story and immersive gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. The game features a rich and dynamic storyline that unfolds as you explore the world and interact with various characters and factions. You will also encounter new enemies, bosses, and events that will challenge your skills and strategies. The game also has a deep and rewarding progression system that lets you level up your character, unlock new skills, craft and upgrade items, and customize your appearance.

Six iconic classes and endless customization options

Diablo Immortal PC lets you choose from six iconic classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. Each class has its own unique abilities, playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses. You can also customize your character with different gear, gems, runes, talents, paragon points, and legendary powers. You can also mix and match different skills to create your own build and playstyle.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Diablo Immortal PC is a free-to-play game that lets you experience the latest installment of the Diablo franchise on your PC. You can download it easily from the desktop app and enjoy its amazing features, such as:

  • Cross-play and cross-progression with mobile devices

  • Stunning graphics and smooth performance

  • An epic story and immersive gameplay

  • Six iconic classes and endless customization options

Call to action and final thoughts

If you are a fan of the Diablo series or just looking for a fun and exciting game to play on your PC, you should definitely give Diablo Immortal PC a try. It is free to download and play, so you have nothing to lose. You can also join the Diablo Immortal community on the official website . Thank you for reading this article and we hope you enjoy playing Diablo Immortal PC!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Diablo Immortal PC free to play?

A: Yes, Diablo Immortal PC is free to play. You don't need to pay anything to download or play the game. However, the game does have optional in-game purchases that can enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: Do I need a mobile device to play Diablo Immortal PC?

A: No, you don't need a mobile device to play Diablo Immortal PC. You can play the game solely on your PC if you want. However, if you do have a mobile device, you can link it to your account and sync your progress across platforms.

Q: What are the system requirements for Diablo Immortal PC?

A: The minimum system requirements for Diablo Immortal PC are:

Operating SystemWindows 7 or later (64-bit)

ProcessorIntel Core i3-3250 or AMD FX-4350 or better

Memory4 GB RAM

GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better

Storage20 GB available space

InternetBroadband connection

The recommended system requirements for Diablo Immortal PC are:

Operating SystemWindows 10 (64-bit)

ProcessorIntel Core i5-6400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X or better

Memory8 GB RAM

GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 or better

Storage20 GB available space



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