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Richard Isaev
Richard Isaev

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Bud watch ?This is one of our earlier varieties called Sweet Jane! By the end of the month these buds will be out In beautiful white blossom.#blueaurorawine #englishblueberrywine #fruitwine #englishwine #blueberrywine

BLU English

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the bbc looked into studies from two universities in the usa they said blue has been a favourite since research began on colour in the 1800s the researchers said most peoples experiences of blue are positive many colours in nature that we love are blue especially a blue sky the sea and many flowers a blue sky is enough to make many people very happy the researchers say one of the only negative associations with blue was in the english language in english people say they have the blues or are feeling blue meaning they are sad one factor in choosing a favourite colour was a sports team many people like the colour the team they support plays in 041b061a72


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