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PICO USB TC-08 User Manual PICO

With the market still presenting opportunity for newcomers, WowWee is entering the market with the $430 Cinemin-branded Slice. It ships in January with an embedded pico projector that folds out from the back to project images sized diagonally from 6 inches to 60 inches. The triangular-shaped 7.5- by 10- by 7.5-inch device features side-firing six-watt speakers; HDMI and VGA outputs for connection to displays; and various A/V inputs to connect laptops, handheld game players and some smartphones.

PICO USB TC-08 User Manual PICO


Home theater projectors can project in HD with vibrant color resolution, and connect to surround sound systems for an authentic theater atmosphere in your home. Seamlessly connect to a variety of multimedia devices, and use optional accessories like Da-Lite fixed-frame screens to create a cinematic experience. Most 4K projectors are optimal for home entertainment because they use the smallest pixels without overlapping to provide the highest resolution. Create an indoor or outdoor theater using any smooth, light-covered wall or durable pull-down projection screen. Some options like pico projectors, which are handheld devices, are compatible with Amazon Fire sticks, so you can view all of your favorite movies and television series on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon video. HD projectors aren't limited to one form of home entertainment, however. Use them with gaming systems to create enhanced visuals and provide superior sound quality. Connect your system using AV or HDMI cords for easy access to high-resolution gaming action.


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