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Anomaly Calling Your Name !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Before calling DetectAnomalies, you must first start your model with the StartModel operation. You are charged for the amount of time, in minutes, that a model runs and for the number of anomaly detection units that your model uses. If you are not using a model, use the StopModel operation to stop your model.

Anomaly Calling Your Name

If a name resolution request is not responded to, then the client librarydoubles the delay between name resolution attempts and reduces the number ofrequests per interval. The maximum delay between attempts is limited byEPICS_CA_MAX_SEARCH_PERIOD (see Configuring the MaximumSearch Period). Note however that prior to R3.14.7, if the client librarydid not receive any responses over a long interval it stopped sending nameresolution attempts altogether until a beacon anomaly was detected (seebelow). 041b061a72


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