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Corruption Time [v0.0.2] [APK]

No comments should ever be deleted anywhere, anytime. There is an amendment to the Constitution of the United States called the 1st Amendment, which protects free speech. Some fucknut put some kind of clause in there that is written in such a ridiculous way that all the big tech social media platforms and even little guys like DIKGAMES, take advantage of it and monitor the speech of others, which is actually against Federal law. They MUST get that changed immediately so this cancel culture bullshit will end. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Corruption Time [v0.0.2] [APK]


Once a porn a time, is a visual novel Nsfw.You end up on an abandoned planet and rescue a fairy in a jar. Does magic exist? No. But what you will get is even better than that! (Sex. I'm talking about sex.)

- Explore the huge city of Nyoto- Make your first choices that will determine how the adventure will unfold with Noriko and Yasuka.- The opportunity to rename absolutely all the characters you meet.- A neat animated interface- Sumptuous backgrounds available in 3 versions (morning/evening/night)- An integrated walkthrough, impossible to get lost.- Many secrets hidden in the background- A Fantasy story in a modern time to discover.

Yo asking how to continue the main story? Right now I'm assumingly doing asami corruption path and I just found out that minato is in a corrupt gang?? Is the thing with minato the main story?? and i have no progress with noriko and yasuka whatsoever, yasuka's path is love path and the hints says that i should get the job on the restaurant but it has been i think a week since i got the job and with noriko's path is maledom and it just says i think pressure her or something and nothing has happened

Ok, I just wanted to make sure, i've had the game downloaded before and had no problem with it, this is the first time something like this ever popped up with it, had my PC screwed by virus's before and wanted to be on the safe side

I'm really struggling with Asami route... Needs "Make the right choice at tne right time", "Befriending Asami" from 7th page and "Corrupting Asami" from 8th. I made both routes, but seems that this two scenes still blocked for me, even after finishing the demo x.x

During the last semester of his senior year, the protagonist receives an email chastising him for his poor attendance. In order to rectify this he has to participate in an after school event called the "Coward's Committee". On arriving he found it dead. No one else bothered to show up. Regardless, this surprise burden forces him to split his free time between his cute girlfriend Margo and Mr. Vice, the committee's supervisor. With this man's arrival comes the recovery of something that was better left buried, as old and new faces alike make themselves known in a world that can't compete with them.

Work in progress of a life sim game. There's just the interface and some mecanics. v0.0.2 Changes- Trust and Desire system for every character, you can see the LoveLVL with icons in the game menu.- Added some story for the lovelvl 0 of every character in everyroom.- There is now a visual hint on which room is occupied by a character.- Some internal changes in the code to faster programming.

Tatsuki is interested in sharing his wife with another man.As a favor to a friend, he let Yuma, a timid young guy about to start university, stay on his house.Since Yuma's arrival, his wife, Hana, started acting motherly towards Yuma, making our protagonist jealous but aroused at the same time.When Hana found out about her husband's fetish, she proposed sex training the inexperienced Yuma to make him a fine man. However, Tatsuki has to go on a long business trip so he can't be present. Nonetheless, he accepted it.

About the Game :Crystal Springs Odyssey is an Adult game, a combination of Visual Novel/Dating sim/Adventure game where you live the unusual journey of a university student.The game is still in development and will be for quite some time, so it will be released in the form of many updates.Here's a list of what to expect from the game : Exciting story Interact with a lot of characters Different locations to exploreMany fetishes Features (Current and Upcoming): 2D AnimationsOpen world environment Inventory system Gallery browserDay and night cycleMoney managementDifferent Mini-gamesChange Log V0.1.3 (from 0.1.0):- Game :New : New content startAdjusted : You can control relationship influence for some characters, this will effect how much you refer to them by their relationship to you instead of calling them by name.- Story :Adjusted : Mia throws a hair dryer at you when in the shower and makes a hole in the bathroom doorAdjusted : Marie now sews the old bikini so you don't have to buy her a new one.Adjusted : You meet Valerie the first time you massage Marie in the pool.- Map :New Location : Valerie's home- Mia :New : 1 Story EventNew : 2 Scenes.- Marie :New : 2 scenesNew : You can masturbate to Marie- House :New : Mr Peppin (Mia's cat) is now roaming around the house.New : The binoculars in your room are now usable.- Valerie :New : 3 Story EventsNew : 2 scenesNew : Volley Ball minigame, You can play volley ball with Valerie at her backyard.- Vanessa :New : 3 Story EventsNew : 4 ScenesNew : You can spy on Vanessa at night times using the binoculars.- Settings :New : Low end mode optionNew : V-sync optionNew : Import and Export Save files.

This Jerk Off Collection was created for simplistic use. Mobile phones have been good for looking at porn and playing games; but sometimes, sites display too many things all at once. Enjoy the journey of easy clicking, to find the right jerk off material, with literally the click of a button. Have fun with Fred Johnson's Jerk Off Collection LLC TM. ;) This is my first twine real porn game created. I'd like to continue updating and continue making it enjoyable; and assume others would like this as well. You're welcome other filthy sickos on the internet. Last updated 10/25/22

In the game Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android, events unfold in the fictional American city of Los Santos. Crime and corruption flourish there. The user will have to control the actions of one of the three characters. He must complete many difficult and dangerous missions that form the basis of the plot of GTA 5. Always be careful on the streets of the city. Any seemingly peaceful passer-by can turn out to be a notorious criminal and attack the hero. However, he does not have to walk. He can use a motorcycle, car, helicopter or high-speed motor boat at any time.

In GTA 5, the developers have added additional maps. For the first time, the hero can leave the stone jungle and be transported to the countryside. But the calm and beautiful countryside landscapes should not mislead the user. There, too, unexpected dangers await him. The camera provides interesting possibilities. In Grand Theft Auto 5, the player can switch the view at any time and assess the situation not from the first person, but from the side. Detailed graphics and spectacular animation will appeal to the most picky users. The musical accompaniment is selected harmoniously and enhances the realism of what is happening.

There are three main characters in the game Grand Theft Auto 5: a retired bank robber, a car dealership employee who dreams of becoming a crime boss, and a mentally unstable type with a criminal past. All of them have a rather complex character and a little comical look. Some missions must be completed only by a certain hero. The player can switch between them at any time. During the game, the user will have to interact with many interesting personalities.

Succum Brewery is an adult bar management game. The game features themes of corruption, hypnosis, submission, poor work-life balance, and cum. The game will receive monthly updates. Patreons will receive the game two weeks before each public release.

As time goes on and IO sees what the customers really want he begins Catherine on a training regiment. She has to decide to outsmart IO and escape the rooftop on her own terms, or become IO's perfect servant.

A personal note: I'm making this game because I want it to exist. I've played a lot of adult games with these kinds of corruption themes and many of them fall flat. I wanted a game where the player gets to connect with the characters, people make decisions like they are real people, and the action ramps up in a way that feels more organic. Catherine isn't forced into her corruption, she slips into it slowly through her own hidden desires. If this is the kind of game that excites you then please help support it. I don't intend to keep this game in development for all time. I intend to finish this game. What the support does it gives me more options to get more art and expand the content to make it what I want it to be.

I want to like this, but the MINUTE I hit "Tend Bar" I lose half my shift time to someone feeling "neglected" and I don't get why. The games mechanics are either poorly explained (the entirety of the bar tending) or over explained (the entirety of the brewing) and makes for a wildly unappealing experience.

Okay so I downloaded the game in hope of a quick porn fix. After playing it for some time i completely forgot it is an adult game and was surprised when i saw Boobs. Honestly i never had an adult game with a story, that in my opinion, is better then the porn. Honestly, the best adult game i have ever played 10/10

Yeah, this game is something special. Most of the stuff on this website is pretty awfully written, but some real care went into this game's writing-- and not just the character stuff either. You get a couple games here and there which have pretty good writing alongside the porn, but this game, that writing goes through all of it. Yeah, the smut is pretty explicit, but the writing makes it erotic, as opposed to being just dumb porn. I'd heavily recommend it, doubly so if you've got a thing for corruption. The fact that the main character is into it, too, really sells it. I can't wait to see this game's finished version. 041b061a72


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