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Buy Chris Martin Tie Dye T Shirt

The T-shirt, and the subtle variations on it, all bear the kaleidoscopic insignia that you see on A Head Full of Dreams' cover. They fit the way a T-shirt should fit right now (when Martin skips the undershirt, you get an eyeful of bicep), and they might even promote the work of up-and-coming designers. The band is letting young artists design T-shirts for them to wear through an ongoing contest on Talenthouse.

buy chris martin tie dye t shirt

As Chris' dad, Jeffrey, walked into Metropolitan Park on Sunday, he took his 9-year-old son to pick out the smallest white T-shirt in the box. With a grin on each other's faces, the two began the tie-dying process.

Jeffrey Preston had his son's white T-shirt wrapped in tan rubber bands ready to dip it in dark green water. Chris wanted to help, but dad didn't approve. With his son picking every color, Jeffrey finished his son's tie-dye shirt and hung it to dry. 041b061a72


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